Eyewear Lenses from Sherwood Park Eye Centre

Once you find a great pair of frames, our Lens Experts at Sherwood Park Eye Centre can help match you up with the lenses that would be best for you. Our passion for delivery an exceptional eye care experience extends into our passion for delivery a high quality product with confidence. Our lenses come fully coated with the most durable anti-scratch properties and anti-reflective coatings for every day use, night time driving, and computer use. We also offer polarized sun lenses for those engaging in outdoor activities or who like the sharper sight polarized lenses offer.

We specialize in lenses from HOYA and Zeiss.



  • With any purchase of a pair of glasses you're elible to receive 50% off a second set of lenses in the same day. The second pair must also include a frame and the promotion is not available on our packages.
  • If you're a daily contact lens wearer, receive 20% off frames and lenses with the purchase of an annual supply of daily contact lenses!
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