Protect Your Children’s Vision

Your child’s ability to see clearly plays a crucial role in their early education. If your child has vision problems that go undetected, they are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities. Untreated, they can eventually become irreversible.

Vision Therapy for Children

Sherwood Park Eye Centre offers an individualized program of eye exercises and other methods that can treat non-refractive vision problems such as eye alignment and lazy eye.

Children's Vision – FAQs

Early detection is critical to your child’s development, and school vision screenings will not uncover serious eye-health and vision disorders the way a comprehensive eye exam conducted by a trained optometrist can. If you have questions about when your child’s eyes should be examined, please contact us.

Your Infant's Visual Development

Knowing the expected milestones of your baby's vision development during their first year of life can ensure your child is seeing properly and enjoying their world to the fullest. Sherwood Park Eye Centre can help you keep track of that development for optimal eye health.

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids?

Many children have self-esteem issues when wearing glasses. Contact lenses also are a great alternative when playing sports and other activities that involve physical contact. Schedule a consultation to find out more.

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Many people think 20/20 vision means perfect vision, but it's only the ability to see well at distances. Detecting your child's distance vision is where we'll start but it's only one part of your child's eyesight, and finding the less obvious eye-health issues will help your child do better in their schooling. Talk to our doctors to learn more.

Controlling Nearsightedness in Children

Certain types of contact lenses and eyeglasses may play a role in slowing the progression of myopia, or nearsightedness.

Children's Vision Video

Early professional eye care for children is highly recommended – even before kids start school. Watch the short video to the right to see why. Special thanks to the EyeGlass Guide for informational material that aided in the creation of this website.


Our SPEC Jr. eyeglasses package starts at $199 for lenses and frame including a multilayer anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating with a 16 month warranty. This warranty includes prescription changes AND scratches! Sherwood Park Eye Centre has partnered with HOYA to deliver an affordable and high quality eyeglasses package upgrade for kids!  Our package can be upgraded to include HOYA's "better than glass" scratch resistant coating with blue light protection. We also offer digital lens designs like the HOYA Sync, an anti-fatigue lens designed to help your eyes while doing close up work like reading and working on digital devices. Pair all of this with HOYA Sensity to have your lenses turn dark outside! All of these lenses are included in our 16 month warranty for kids 16 and under.

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