Special Packages

Adult Packages

Starting at $199.99 for single vision lenses and frame. This includes an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating. Our single vision package can be upgraded into high index lenses to help reduce the thickness of higher prescriptions.

Progressive lenses start at $299 for our packages. We believe your lenses are the most important part of a pair of glasses and our package doesn't compromise on quality. These digital progressive lenses offer a better visual experience that help ease adaptation for our patients wearing progressive lenses. Pair these fully coated $299 Digital Progressive lenses with a free frame for an affordable & pleasant eyeglasses experience.



Our SPEC Jr. eyeglasses package starts at $199 for lenses and frame including a multilayer anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating with a 16 month warranty. This warranty includes prescription changes AND scratches! Sherwood Park Eye Centre has partnered with HOYA to deliver an affordable and high quality eyeglasses package upgrade for kids!  Our package can be upgraded to include HOYA's "better than glass" scratch resistant coating with blue light protection. We also offer digital lens designs like the HOYA Sync, an anti-fatigue lens designed to help your eyes while doing close up work like reading and working on digital devices. Pair all of this with HOYA Sensity to have your lenses turn dark outside! All of these lenses are included in our 16 month warranty for kids 16 and under.



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