Dry Eye At Home Routine for Relief of Watery and Itchy Eyes

Dry Eye Relief at Home

Whether you’ve recently started experiencing symptoms of dry eye disease, been suffering for a while and/or have undergone treatment, establishing an at-home routine is an important, often overlooked, step. While we all know that brushing and flossing our teeth between cleanings is essential to maintain tooth health, the same care and attention is needed to keep our eyes healthy and help prolong the results of dry eye treatments.


So what should make up this routine? 

We have four main products that we recommend to all our patients with dry eye disease, aptly referred to as our “Core 4” products.


#1: Warm compress –  Use a warm compress for at least ten minutes. Gently massage the eyelids afterwards.

Using washcloths as a compress is not ideal because they cannot retain heat for the recommended duration. Compresses that contain wheat or rice are known for harboring bacteria and microorganisms. Our recommended compresses are designed to retain heat for ten minutes and are made with antimicrobial silica beads. These compresses can also be used cold, which can help promote natural tear production and soothe irritated eyes.





#2: Lid Hygiene Wipes – Gently wipe along the base of the lashes while the eye is closed in a circular, back and forward motion. Sweep the wipe up and down on the lashes before doing a final wipe of the eyelids.

These wipes remove oils, skin cells, bacteria and other debris that can accumulate along the eyelashes. Accumulation of these substances can lead to eye infections, irritation, itchiness, and blockages in the meibomian glands. Eye hygiene is particularly crucial prior to any eye surgery, as it lessens the risk of post surgery complications.




#3: Preservative Free Artificial Tears – Use as directed and whenever dry eye symptoms arise.

Over the counter eye drops often contain preservatives to extend their shelf life. However, excessive use of these products can lead to allergies or irritations due to the preservatives. For individuals with moderate to severe dry eye symptoms, preservative-free eye drops are a superior choice. They can be used frequently and deliver long-lasting relief without side effects. The use of artificial tears effectively maintains corneal moisture and clarity, providing lasting relief from dry eye symptoms. An ointment may also be recommended for night time use.



#4: Re-Esterfied Triglyceride Form Omega 3 – Use as directed. Recommended dosage is <2000mg/serving.

Omega 3 fish oil has been proven to relieve symptoms of dry eye. These oils supplement the lipid (oily) layer of the tear film which increases the efficiency of the tears on our eyes. Not all omega 3 supplements are created equally however, and can vary greatly in quality. After the triglyceride-form oil is extracted from fish, it is treated with an alcohol-based substance to eliminate impurities. This form is called Ethyl Ester form and can be harder to digest, leading to an upset stomach or the dreaded “fish burps”. Unlike these other companies, our recommended supplements undergo an extra step called re-esterification. This removes the ethyl ester alcohol and restores the oil to a purified triglyceride form, making them easier to digest. Re-Esterfied Triglyceride form omega 3 supplements are also able to be absorbed more efficiently meaning your body is able to use more of the supplement.


Written by our Ocular Hygienist, Holly