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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Sherwood Park

Routine eye exams are essential for safeguarding your eye health and identifying early indications of eye conditions. We advise children and seniors to have annual check-ups, while adults should schedule exams every two years.

Our comprehensive eye exams begin with understanding not just your eyes but also you as an individual. Connect with us today to arrange your appointment with our skilled optometrists. Your vision deserves expert care!


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What is included in an eye exam?

Experience a comprehensive eye care journey with us, where our expert technicians lay the foundation for your visit with our optometrists. They will conduct a thorough assessment, including:

  • Colour Vision Test: We perform testing to detect colour blindness, which is the inability to accurately differentiate colours. We perform what's called an Ishihara Test where you are shown dot patterns of different colours where you are asked to identify a number created within the dots.
  • Eye Pressure Test: Measuring the pressure inside your eyes to identify potential risks of glaucoma.
  • Wide Angle Retina Imaging: Providing a detailed view of your retina to detect any abnormalities or signs of disease. We use an advanced piece of equipment called the Optomap for these high-resolution images.
  • Lower Lid Meibography: Assessing the health of your eyes by examining the meibomian glands, essential for tear production. Dry eye disease is a common problem for us in Alberta, because of this we perform meibography on all of our adult eye exams to accurately diagnose and create a custom treatment plan for your dry eyes.
  • Current Eyewear Measurements: Taking accurate measurements of your prescription glasses and sunglasses to understand your visual needs better.

Upon meeting with our optometrists, they will review the test results and:Slit Lamp Examination with an Optometrist

  • Evaluate Overall Eye Health: Conducting a comprehensive eye health assessment to identify any potential concerns so we may be proactive in treating early signs of disease. This is achieved through a slit lamp examination and evaluating all of the previously done testing.
  • Visual Acuity Test: Evaluating the sharpness of your vision by reading an eye chart to discern shapes and details at specific distances.
  • Refraction: Determining the precise corrective lenses you require for optimal vision.
  • Address Dry Eyes: Diagnosing the cause of dry eyes and recommending suitable solutions.

Post-examination, you'll have a consultation with our opticians or stylists who will:

  • Answer Your Queries: Clarify any questions you may have about your eye health or recommended treatments.
  • Book Follow-Up Appointments: Schedule any necessary follow-up visits to monitor your eye health.
  • Adjust and Clean Eyewear: Ensure your current eyewear fits perfectly and is clean and comfortable.
  • Personalized Eyewear Fitting: Offer personalized recommendations for eyewear and lenses tailored to your preferences and needs.

Experience the difference of comprehensive eye care with us, where your vision health is our priority. Book your appointment today!

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