Eyewear Styling

Sherwood Park Eye Centre offers stylish eyeglass frames from some of the leading brands in fashion! We feature an always-evolving inventory to offer you the latest in eyewear trends and fashion. You will find collections like the colourful Etnia Barcelona or the always-recognizable Tom Ford. Our eyewear selection also includes a diverse sunglasses collection. Featuring one of the largest and most diverse selections of Rayban, Maui Jim, Dragon and more. Visit our Instagram to see what’s new in our office!

At Sherwood Park Eye Centre, we know glasses need to be fashionable but also affordable. Our frame prices start at $159, and our designer and luxury brands are competitively priced.

Adult Packages

Starting at $199.99 for single vision lenses and a frame. Our eyeglasses package includes an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating. We also offer cost-effective upgrades into high-index lenses and more advanced lens designs like anti-fatigue lenses or transitions.

Progressive lenses start at $299 for our packages. We believe your lenses are the most important part of a pair of glasses and our package doesn't compromise on quality. These digital progressive lenses offer a comfortable visual experience that helps ease adaptation for our patients wearing progressive lenses. Pair these fully coated $299 Digital Progressive lenses with a free frame for an affordable & pleasant eyeglasses experience.

Eyeglass Lenses

Once you find a great pair of frames, our Lens Experts at Sherwood Park Eye Centre can help match you up with the lenses that would be best for you. Our passion for delivery and exceptional eye care experience extends into our passion for delivering a high quality product with confidence. Our lenses come fully coated with the most durable anti-scratch properties and anti-reflective coatings for every day use, night time driving, and computer use. We also offer polarized sun lenses for those engaging in outdoor activities or who like the sharper sight polarized lenses offer.

We specialize in lenses from HOYA and Zeiss.
Our promotions are always evolving - to see the latest seasonal promotions check out our Instagram!

Year round, with any purchase of a pair of glasses you're eligible to receive 50% off your lenses on your second complete pair of glasses.
If you're a daily contact lens wearer, receive 20% off frames and lenses with the purchase of an annual supply of daily contact lenses!