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Kid's Glasses

Our SPEC Jr. eyeglasses package starts at $199 for lenses and frame including a multilayer anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating with a 16 month warranty. This warranty includes prescription changes AND scratches! Sherwood Park Eye Centre has partnered with HOYA to deliver an affordable and high quality eyeglasses package upgrade for kids! Our package can be upgraded to include HOYA’s “better than glass” scratch resistant coating with blue light protection. We also offer digital lens designs like the HOYA Sync, an anti-fatigue lens designed to help your eyes while doing close up work like reading and working on digital devices. Pair all of this technology with HOYA Sensity to have your lenses turn dark outside! All of these lenses are included in our 16 month warranty for kids 16 and under.

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Pediatric Eye Exams

At our clinic, pediatric eye exams are designed to be both friendly and thorough, ensuring your child feels comfortable throughout the entire process. We utilize advanced technology to provide comprehensive care, including wide-angle retina imaging and color vision testing. Our exams are tailored to detect and address any vision issues early, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eyesight.

In addition to diagnosing and treating vision problems, we offer a range of eyewear options, including glasses and contact lenses, to meet the diverse needs of children. We also consider your child's lifestyle and family history to determine if they are candidates for our Myopia Management Clinic. This specialized program aims to reduce the need for glasses as your child grows, utilizing methods such as axial length measurement and cycloplegic eye exams to monitor and manage myopia progression effectively.

Indestructible Kids Glasses

We know parents don’t want to constantly replace their kids' glasses. That’s why, in addition to our excellent warranty and extensive selection of children's frames, we offer the virtually indestructible Nano Vista glasses for kids! This collection features flexible hinges and exceptionally durable materials, ensuring they stay intact for years. Nano Vista is the top recommended frame line for children and adolescents due to their outstanding durability. Plus, they offer fun options like glow-in-the-dark frames, sunglasses clip-ons, and custom-fit nose pieces! Visit their catalogue or check them out in store today.

Nano Vista in Sherwood Park

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