Eye See Eye Learn

The Eye See Eye Learn program started at Sherwood Park Eye Centre with our very own Dr. Dorrie Morrow. The program is eligible to Kindergarten students in Alberta. Participating children receive a comprehensive eye exam which is covered by Alberta Health Care and one free pair of glasses covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Children are covered by Alberta Health Care for their exams until they turn 19, and it is recommended their first eye exam is at 6 months old!

Fun Facts
  • 20/20 does not mean perfect vision
  • 20/20 indicates what can be seen at 20 feet
  • 25% of school age children have vision problems
  • Up to 60% of children with learning difficulties face undetected vision problems
  • Of those 60%, the school administered test will not detect the vision problems
  • A child's first eye exam should be before their first birthday, subsequent eye exams should be as follows:
    • 3 years old
    • Once they start kindergarten
    • Every year after that

Myopia Management

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a common condition which causes blurry distance vision. During every child’s eye exam, our Optometrists assess risk factors that could lead to excessive amounts of Myopia and may consult you on treatment plans to reduce your child’s correction by up to 60%. Learn more on our Myopia Management page.

First eye exam for a child in Sherwood Park. Excited to meet her new Optometrist.

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